Kuntao Silat Atlanta visits 
Guru Bahati In Hawaii

Training Martial Arts & Having An Emersion into Traditional hawaiian culture

Training In Hawaii

We trained in the ocean, on the beach, in a gym, in a school, in the parking lot, on the mountain and in various parks. We learned empty hand, animal and weapons techniques. We studied meditation, trained our internal and got a chance to inhale the real culture and people of Hawaii. Our trip was truly was far more than the tourist trip to Hawaii, we had an epic adventure.
In Honolulu and Waikiki we did some tourist type stuff that included the beach, the strip, Luaus etc. We got to work with some phenomenal teachers and martial artist such as Guru Jason Shinichi Yamamotto - a long term student of Guru Bahati on the beaches of Waikiki. 

We worked with Guru Bernard Chong (Sunda Silat - the person who introduced Guru Bahati to his silat instructor the late Guru Besar Herman Suwanda - Mande Muda ), Guru Leo Sues (who has more hours training with Guru Besar Bambamg Suwanda - Brother of Guru Besar Herman Suwanda, than any other person) and we worked with and were treated to a performance of Bak Mei by Sifu Wayne Lee. We were blessed and had the great fortune to meet "Ali'i" Miner who not only taught us martial arts training techniques, he shared with us the history and culture of his people along with the mentality that the warriors bring not only martial arts, but how they live their life. As a special bonus his teacher joined us and Oloh'e (lua master) Jerry Walker, has over 60 years of training not only in the deadly family art of Lua, but also through a huge variety of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hawaiian systems. It was a true pleasure to have him share with us all type of information and to see this information brought to life as he demonstrated how techniques worked on both a physical and internal plane.

Recap Video of 2014 Trip to Hawaii

Understanding Hawaiian Culture

Our group would like to thank Kumu Baba of Pololo Valley Anuenue Hawaiian Immersion School for allowing us the to utilizes their facilities. We learned so much and are very appreciative of our opportunity to train at your facility.

Training In Oahu

We trained in the ocean, on the beach, and in the dojo with some of the world's best martial artists.

on The Big Island

Food, Fun, Culture & Hard Work!

Guru Bahati was also assisted by some of his Senior Students - Guru Gordon Buck, Guru Bobby King, Guru Bryan Dasilva, Muda Guru Brian Sosa Higgins, Grandmaster Billy White and Guru Phillip Ghee. Raylene Mapuana Sopkins prepared such tremendously delicious breakfast with so much ALOHA for us each day. The traditional Hawaiian breakfast and treats were so good that it is truly hard to describe! We are also very appreciative that Cathleen Mershant, who was not feeling well, was able to join us for the last 2 days.

The trip was tremendous growth experience for us all and it should help us all to be better martial artist and human beings!

Jazz Hands

Jazz hands made their way to the Big Island of Hawaii courtesy of the Dietz Clan

Harimau Training with Guru Gordon Buck
& GrandMaster Billy White

Hawaii is a beautiful place, but you do not want to get caught up in any of this!