• Badia Complete Season
•Smoked Paprika.
• Slap Ya Mama.
• Ginger Salt.
•Bragg Coconut Aminos.
• Produce Used
• 500 Billion Cloves of Garlic.
• Green Beans.
• 2 Medium Carrots.
• Green, Red & Yellow Bell Peppers.
• 1 Chopped White Onion.

Wash, CLEAN, Cut up 1 Pack of Bella  Mushroom and season to the instructions of your Ancestors with.

Method: Heat 2 Tbsp of coconut oil on #6
• Once the oil is hot, start crisping up Garlic.
• Once Garlic is done crisping up, remove garlic.
• Add Seasoned Mushrooms and stir for a few mins on high heat.
• Add Garlic.
• Start sprinkling ¼ cup of flour while Mushrooms is fry and combine well. ( Use flour of your choice).

• Once Mushrooms is done frying, remove and scrape into a bowl.

•In a clean pot. Sautee, Bell Peppers, Onions, Carrots, Green Beans along with some @bragg Coconut Liquid Aminos, and stir well for a few mins along with a little bit of the Slap Ya Mama Seasoning. Then add the Crispy Mushrooms and toss and you're done.

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