Step One
If anything needs to be cooked I will season it  (organic seasoning salt, black pepper, turmeric, sea salt)  and then cook in coconut oil.  I always slice and cook the tempeh and I do the say with jackfruit, mushrooms or grain sausage.

Step Two
I generally use Sprouted Bread.  It taste good and is reasonably decent when having a healthy eating conversation.  I toast the bread and then I  add a spread of some sort to each side of my sandwich.  Commonly I use some form of mustard, tahini,  vegan mayo or even a cashew cheese.  I next will put vegan cheese on the bread.  I normally will use  a different cheese on each side.  My preferences are  cheddar, Colby, provolone, mozzarella or spicy pepper cheese.

Step Three
I then will begin to build the sandwich differently.  I always use tempeh slices as my base ingredient on one side and my meat substitute (mushrooms, jackfruit, grain sausage etc)  on the other side.  After this it is time to get creative.  I like to use sauerkraut and spinach as my greens of choice, and then I will use a variety of other condiments such as capers, sun dried tomatoes, various types of mushroom, tomatoes , onions, bell peppers.  Stack everything the way you want and then off of to the next stepl

Step Four
I use Ghee to grill my sandwiches.  I put a nice amount in my cooking skillet and then grill the sandwiches look to make sure I melt the cheese a bit, but do not burn the bread.  After that it is just a matter of getting one side on top of the other and enjoying a great meal!

Hope this inspires you to give this great recipe a try!

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Barbeque Jackfruit Sandwich

Tried something new today that came out tasting fantastic, was healthy and very filling! Having grown up in “Da Bany”, a barbecue sandwich is certainly pulled pork. Today I used barbecue jackfruit and combined it with homemade cashew cheese, spicy mustard, organic tomatoes, organic sweet onions, organic sun dried tomatoes and some sauerkraut(almost left this off, but it turned out great). I toasted sprouted bread and then grilled it in ghee. Absolutely delicious and I also made one for each of the ladies. I will be revisiting and working to tweak this on a regular basis!

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