• 1 Pack Red Kidney Beans.
• 100000 Billion Cloves of Garlic.
• 2 Sprigs of Fresh Thyme.
•½Chopped White Onion.
• 1 Cup Coconut Milk.
• 3 Old Bay Leaves.
• 1 Sctoch Bonnet  Pepper.
•⅛ Tsp Liquid Smoke.

• Then I sprinkled to the command of my Ancestors with some.
• Slap Ya Mama.
•1Tsp Better Than Bouillon.
• Smoked Paprika.
•⅛  Tsp Ground All Spice.
• Tony's Chachere's.

Kerry Ann Gray
Plant Based Recipes For Beginners FaceBook Group

1. Rinse off 1 pack of beans, add 2-3 cups water.

2. Add 4 cloves of Garlic, Liquid Smoke, Old Bay Leaves &the 1 Tsp of Better Than Bouillon.

3. Let Beans cook on medium heat until tender.

4. Once Beans are nice and tender. Add coconut milk and the rest of the dr spices.

5. In a bowl.

6. Knead 1 cup Spelt flour  or flour of your choice with a little water, to make spinners  / aka dumplings ( roll a  small amount of dough between your palms should shape like a fat ✒️.)

7.Add Spinners to the pot and stir.

8.Add fresh Green Onion, White Chopped Onion, Thyme, Scotch Bonnet Pepper. Stir and cover the pot and let it continues to simmer down on low heat until done cooking.

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