Shaolin Secrets to Success: 
The Complete Series 1-5

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Description: Shaolin Secrets to Success is an exciting new series which brings you the insights, wisdom, and knowledge of different masters as they discuss various topics related to the Shaolin art. 

This series includes:

     Volumes 1-3: Elder Master Gary Grooms - "Yang Style Tai Chi Applications       and Concepts"

     Volume 4: Elder Master Tim Nance - "Sparring Strategies and Solutions: A      Master's Perspective"

     Volume 5: Elder Master Garry Mullins - "Lessons From the Drunken                 Immortals"

Volume 1
Elder Master Grooms introduces you to the meaning of  Tai Chi Chuan, health benefits and how they relate to Tai Martial Functionality, Tai Chi Fundamentals & proper body mechanics. He also performs the first two sections of Yang Tai Chi and explains some of the applications from these sections, demonstrating them both slowly and at speed.

Volume 2
continues to build on this foundation as Elder Master Grooms shows you some warm-up exercises, provides a detailed description of the five schools of thought on breathing, performs sections three and four of the form, and once again provides applications found within these sections.

Volume 3
Elder Master Grooms performs sections five and six of the form, describes applications from these sections, and then introduces you to "Pushing Hands", - or "Tai Chi Sparring". In addition, he shows you some candle training exercises which teach you how to harness your internal power.

Volume 4
Elder Master Nance shares with you his perspective on how you can become a better sparrer. Learn how to take your sparring to the next level by applying his wisdom and knowledge to your foundational punches, stances, kicks and stepping techniques. In addition, he teaches training drills and shares with you the important details he sees as he engages an opponent.

Join Senior Master Nance as he discusses:

     • The Center Punch
     • Using Multiple Strikes
     • Vision and Touch
     • Forcing Reactions
     • Avoiding Wrist Locks
     • Subtle Punching
     • Shadow Boxing
     • Sweeping
     • Internal Arts Applications
     • And much more!

Volume 5
Elder Master Garry Mullins" will help you develop and improve your flexibility, balance, coordination, core strength, grip strength, and leg strength.  He utilizes simple, traditional drills and training apparatuses, providing you with a rare look at training techniques from a traditional Shaolin Master.  Regardless of what martial discipline you study, improving these attributes will make you a better martial artist.

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