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Guru Daniel's 2019 Atlanta Workshops

Guru Daniel Prasetya 2019 Atlanta Workshops

Guru Daniel is one of the World's Elite Silat Practitioner

Guru Daniel is the Head of Inti Ombak USA and he is the Head Coach of the United States Silat Associations Olympic team that will be competing in the 2020 Japan Olympics.

Pencak Silat

Tama Yoga

Health & Wellness

Tama Yoga

Indonesia's location at the crossroads of Southeast Asia has given rise to ancient traditions for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual energy.

Tama Yoga uses static and dynamic postures to condition the body and to develop  better alignment of the bones and ligaments.  When combined with breathing exercises, the student learns to open his or her chakras and to awaken the energy within.

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Guru Daniel Prasetya

Pencak Silat

Traditional Self Defense

Inti Ombak is a style of pencak silat which blends martial arts descended from the Mataram Kingdom of Central Java with those hailing from the island of Madura.

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