Businesses in our community have encountered an increase in operational cost and the price of goods and services has gone up to reflect this. As of July 6, 2021  Premier Martial Arts Marietta has increased its prices to adjust for our increased cost of operation.  As a current member your monthly pricing or paid in full contract will not adjust until the end of your contractual term.


We would like to make a special offer to all of our members who are expiring over the next 6 months.  Through the month of July 2021 you may save money by renewing your membership at the current rates or if you are ready to upgrade your membership to our Black Belt, Premier, Leadership or Certified Instructor Training we have some HUGE $$$ SAVINGS & INCENTIVES for you.  Speak with Coach Blake and he will set an appointment for you and explain all the particulars.

We are dedicated and working daily to provide you with the absolute best experience of personal development as we focus on Empowering Lives Through Martial Arts!


Sr. Master Michael Reid

Owner of Premier Martial Arts Marietta
Founder of the “AQIS” Academy of Qigong & Internal Studies