In-house & ONline Class Schedule

Combined Premier Martial Arts Marietta & AQIS Academy Online Schedule
If a link is not working, please use the Meeting ID to find and enter your Training Session

Youth Online Only Beginners Training Class 
        * Monday 4:00pm
        * Wednesday 4:00pm
        Meeting ID: 865-9344-1785
        Password:  231510

 In House Training Classes
        * 12 Student Class Maximum. All Students & Teachers Must Wear A Mask
        * Registration Required To Attend In House Trainin g
        * Click to Register For In-House Class Slot
        * All In-House Classes Will Also Be Broadcast Online Via Zoom

Lil Champs (5-7)
        * Monday 5:15pm 
        * Wednesday 5:15pm 
           Meeting ID: 873-8931-4189 
           Password:  591207

        * Tuesday 3:30pm
        * Thursday 3:30pm
           Meeting ID: 826 1623 4654
           Password: 923581

       * Tuesday 5:45pm
        * Thursday 5:45pm
           Meeting ID: 811 4395 2729
           Password: 104041

Kids (8-18)
        * Monday 6:30pm 
        * Wednesday 6:30pm 
          Meeting ID: 817 9527 8259
           Password:  756691

         Meeting ID: 830 5029 9269
         Password: 151863
        * Tuesday 4:30pm
        * Thursday 4:30pm

         Meeting ID: 890 5304 1110
         Password: 724605
       * Tuesday 7:00pm
        * Thursday 7:00pm   

Youth Black Belt Prep - By Invitation
        * Friday 6:00pm 
           Meeting ID: 870-0770-2794
           Password:  158477

Krav Maga (Teen/Adult)
       * Monday 8:15pm
       * Tuesday 8:15pm 
        * Thursday 8:15pm 
           Meeting ID: 835-8512-9120
           Password: 323121

Kung Fu (Teen/Adult)
        * Wednesday   8pm
           Meeting ID: 819-5623-0126
           Password:  986644 

        *Saturday 11am
          Meeting ID: 813-0219-7226
          Password:   691357 

Yang Tai Chi (Teen/Adult)
        * Wednesday 8pm
           Meeting ID: 844-1369-6642
           Password:  294077

        * Saturday 10:00am
           Meeting ID: 860-7099-9069 
           Password:  730514 

AQIS Internal Level II (Teen/Adult)
        * Wednesday 8pm
           Meeting ID: 844-1369-6642 
           Password:  294077

        * Saturday 10:00am
           Meeting ID: 860-7099-9069
           Password:  730514 

AQIS Internal Level III & Above (Teen/Adult)
        * Saturday 8:30am
           Meeting ID: 830-1891-2523
           Password:  510367

Special Events
Closed Monday September 7, 2020 For Labor Day Holiday

September 2020 Youth Program Virtual Test Registration
September 2020 In-House Test Registration

BBE September 2020 Homework

Please Take A look At Our Upcoming September 2020 Activities & Events -

Current Classes at Premier Martial Arts Marietta & AQIS Academy

Hello Parents & Students,

We are going to reopen our school for classes while following the social distance guidelines that have been set forth by the CDC. We do take Covid-19 seriously and because of this we are focused on the best possible practice to keep everyone safe.

We are offering In-House classes for all programs.  All In-House classes will also be broadcasted via Zoom.  Below is information to help clarify  what is taking place at the school.

New Class Schedule
Because of what is taking place with Covid-19 we need to make schedule modifications.  Please make sure you look at our aware of our latest training schedule that has been issued August 1, 2020 so you are showing up for the proper class at the proper time.

In-House Class Registration
We can offer class to up to 12 students at at time.  To facilitate and equal opportunity for those who would like to attend class at the school we have instituted an In-House class registration system.  Each week in our youth program you should register for the class that your child plans to attend.  In the adult programs because of fewer students you may register for the classes that you plan to attend. The Registration calendar is located at -

Online Only Youth Classes
This set of classes is for NEW BEGINNER STUDENTS who are doing our program ONLY VIA ONLINE. If you are current student who has trained in the school prior to Covid-19 or a new student who is also joining us for In-House training this is not the correct class for you. Online Only Classes are for new online students who have no access to train In-House at Premier Martial Arts Marietta.

Not Ready To Attend In-House Classes
We recognize that not everyone is ready to attend public classes. If you are in this mode of thought we want you and/or your child to come to class with us and train via the Zoom feed.  You do not need to register on the Resource Page In-House Calendar if you are attending zoom class.  In-House class calendar registration is required for this coming into the school to train.  You should attend the zoom feed for the In-House classes.

In-House & Live Feed Zoom Classes
In-House training is a regular class that contains Lil Champs (5-8) Basic & Black Belt Program students, Kids (8-12) Basic, Black Belt Program & Premier Program students and Adult/Teen Krav Maga Basic & Black Belt program students and Adult/Teen AQIS Kung Fu & Tai Chi Students.  This is our regular training program with a few cautionary adjustments for the current pandemic we are dealing with. We will Zoom Broadcast these classes so that all youth students may come to class virtually 4 days a week in our youth programs and have the opportunity to come to class at least once a week and train with us.  We have measured our floor space and believe we can fit up to 12 Students on our training floor at one time and still maintain social distancing protocols and his is the reason for class registration. We do ask that if you sign up for a class slot that you please attend class and of course please following our class attendance guidelines.  These are the classes that our full members should be viewing online and not our “Online Only Youth Classes”.  PARENTS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER for your youth program students to attend the In-House online ZOOM feed for these classes. But you will need to secure the ZOOM link and password that is located at 

Adult/Teen students training in our Adult Krav Maga, AQIS Kung Fu & AQIS Tai Chi classes we have worked it out where you have two classes a week that you may attend In-House or via ZOOM broadcast online.  We are also asking that you to also register for any In-House classes that you plan to attend.  Remember if we have more than 12 students and you are not registered, we will have to ask you leave because of Covid-19 CDC social distancing recommendations. 


Senior Master Reid, Sensei John Fitzpatrick and staff of Premier Martial Arts and Academy of Qigong & Internal Studies


Facebook Groups & Studio Pro Text

  • At this time our foundational platform is our resource site located at and our online communication/media platforms for students & parents are our private FaceBook Groups.
  • Premier Martial Arts Marietta Youth & Krav Maga Training
  • AQIS Student Training Group
  • We are also still sending out emails and posting on all of our social media platforms.  The most up to date information can be found on FaceBook and the Resource Website.

New Online Training Content for All Programs

We are posting new training content daily to make sure that you guys have the information and tools that you need to be successful!

Videos can be found on our site under the various Program headings. Look under Headers, click on Videos and the look for Training Classes.  To see documents on the resource site look under your Program Header and select notes.

Videos, notes and announcements can also be found in both of our Private FaceBook Groups:

Premier Martial Arts Marietta Youth & Krav Maga Training
AQIS Student Training Group

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