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Dr. George Love Jr. Is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Florida since 1986 as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), Herbalist, Qigong master since 1994 and certified Acupuncturist for more than 35 years.

2020 Workshops & Events

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March 1-10, 2020   
Harlem, Mt Vernon, Norwalk, Jersey City, Norwalk Connecticut
Coming to NYC to end your suffering.  Transforming your life through sleep, Medical Qi-Gong, juice feasting, meditation, Acupuncture, massage and meditation.

April 17-19, 2020
Atlanta Qigong & Wellness Workshops
Dr. George Xavier Love visits the Academy of Qigong & Internal Studies located at Premier Martial Arts Marietta. On Friday April he will teach the "Secrets Oral Teaching of Taoist & Buddhist Tantra",  On Saturday April 18th he will instruct "Qigong Vitality Testing & Training" and "Emotional Release Training". On Sunday April 19th he will conduct "Food Therapy: Juice and Smoothies".

June 6-7, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia

Wonderful Wizards of Raw

September 2-14, 2020
China Trip to Shenzen 
Join Dr. Love as our group will be flying into Hong Kong and taking train to mainland China to Shenzen with 22 million people and unpolluted air and water.  We will travel to Wu Tong mountain to an artists village.  There are many cultural events during the day including pottery, painting, calligraphy, tea ceremony and hiking up the mountain. Mornings will be spent with Medical Qigong and Hapkido martial arts.  Evenings will be spent in Chinese Medicine lecture.   This is a ten day trip with shopping to Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  Our host will be Suki Chen Yoga teacher.  All are welcome no previous experience with Qigong or martial arts.

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