Dr. George Love "The Blue Dragon"

April 2020 Atlanta Qigong & Wellness Workshops

Train With dr. Love

"AQIS" Academy of Qigong & Internal Studies invites you to train with Medical Qigong Expert Dr. George Love.  This year Dr. Love will teach the the "Secret Oral Teachings of Taoist & Buddhist Tantra, provide "Qigong Vitality" testing and training for certified students, train students in "Emotional Release" and teach Food Therapy focusing on Juices and Smoothies.  This is truly life empowering and life improving information. Join us for a fun weekend that will improve the quality of your life and your family!

Dr. george Love

Dr. Love is super excited to visit us in April 2020!  It is going to be an awesome weekend!

"Secret Oral Teachings of Taoist & Buddhist Tantra

Friday April 17, 2020
7pm - 10pm

•Singing, Toning and Chanting
•Single point Meditation & Visualization
•Internal Exercise with breath holding
•Singing, Toning and Chanting
•Single point Meditation & Visualization
•Sex and the positive energy that it brings to your life


Saturday  April 18, 2020
9am - 12pm

Dr. Love will teach techniques that allow you to measure and gauge the vitality of yourself and your loved ones.  Participation in his class requires a certificate earned from Dr. Love at previous training sessions.

Emotional Release Training

Saturday  April 18, 2020
1:30pm - 4:30pm

* AcuTapping * 6 Healing Sounds * Emotional Enema * Emotional Release Dances

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$295 for 3 or more session
$250 for 2 sessions
$125 for 1 Session

Dr. Love Atlanta April 2020 Workshops

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