PMA Marietta Announcements - May 2, 2019

Premier Martial Arts Marietta Announcements - May 2, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Wow hard to believe that we are already in May and shortly summer will be here.  I am very happy with the progress of all of our students and the direction that we are headed in.  Our new location is working out well and the community is starting to take notice of where we are now located.  We have a free Women's Self Defense workshop coming up next week, if you know any ladies who would benefit from this training please let them know about it.  Parents we are going to have a special Summer Sparring Season for the kids. Cost is only $80. If you child is in the basic program they will need to purchase boxing gloves and a headgear.  These along with a mouthguard and shin pads (they should already have these items) are the required equipment for the season.  Youth Program Summer Testing will be on Thursday June 20, 2019 and Adult Krav Maga Summer Testing will take place on Friday June 28, 2019. Parents a reminder that we have some great PMA Marietta Summer Camps planned, please support our camps.  So spread the word and let your friends know that the kids will have an awesome time at our summer camps!

Information About PMA Marietta Summer Camps

World Tai Chi Day Celebration & Workshop
I was very pleased with our World Tai Chi Day Celebration and I want to thank those who stayed for my workshop.  I was very happy to be able to deliver the information and after reviewing it I thought "wow" this was some really good stuff that I would like for all of our students to have access to.  So I am going to allow students/parents the opportunity to access the workshop via our resource site.  Cost for access is only $35 and you get access to information that will truly assist you in understanding your training.  I taught the Tama Yoga Lipatan Folding Set along with the Meridian Dance, but I tied together how all of this fits together along with how energy flows through the body.  2.5 hours also says I covered a number of other things, but those are the highlights.

Workshop Available
Click the link below to gain access to Sr. Master Reid April 2019 Workshop
Access Master Reid's April 2019 Workshop.

Youtube Recap of World Tai Chi Day Celebration

Everyone please subscribe to our new AQIS YouTube page and follow us on social media

Summer Apparel
Students may now wear PMA & AQIS Shirts and Shorts as summer attire.  Please note that we are obligated to enforce the dress code.  I am looking for the fist shipment of summer gear that was order in April to arrive next week.  Some items such as the summer shorts uniforms are expected to arrive towards the end of the month.  Remember if you have an item (shirt or pants) that you would like to wear that you can bring it in and we will get it embroidered for you with either the AQIS or PMA Logo.  Cost is $10 and this also means you get to choose what you like and get the exact fit that works for you.

The AQIS website is back up for students who would like to get some AQIS gear.  Do note that AQIS Orders are processed on the 15th of each month and you can pick them up here at the school.
Click this link to view and order AQIS Apparel 

New Resource Website 
Our site is progressing along with new features and updates taking place each day.  I encourage everyone to create an account on the site as we have resources for everyone.  There are videos for all programs and featured series such at "Sensei John Says", "AQIS Secrets To Success", "MasterReid Blog", "Krav Maga Training Tips", "Kung Fu-Kuntao-Silat Training Tips", Articles and just a boat load of stuff.  Plus the training schedules are posted for easy access and you can always see upcoming activities and events.

Summer Camps At Premier Martial Arts
Guys we are really excited about our upcoming Summer Camps.  Please begin to sign up and let us know if your kids will be attending camp.  This greatly assist us in the planning phase and will help us ensure that know camp is over crowded and that we can provide an exceptional experience for your child!  REGISTER TODAY!!!

Look below to see our upcoming activities and important events for May 2019 and June 2019!

Senior Master Michael Reid
Premier Martial Arts Marietta
3595 Canton Rd, ste 303, 
Marietta, GA, 30066
(770) 422-9250
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May 2019 Activities & Events 
June 2019 Activities & Events 

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