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Sr. Master Reid & Sensei John discuss the upcoming 2020 Holiday Sale

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Holiday Sale Saturday Nov. 7, 2020
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Sneak Peak Friday Nov. 6, 2020
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PMA-Marietta Programs & Training

Basic Program

Youth Lil Champs (5-7) & Kids (8-12)
Our youth Basic Program represents a basic experience in the martial arts. Students learn life skills, kickboxing techniques and modern self-defense through the study of Krav Maga.  Personal development is taught via our BBE "Black Belt Excellence" Program, structured martial arts curriculum and mat chats. Lil Champs Basic Program Classes are 30 minutes and students may attend 2 classes per week.

Our Teen/Adult Basic Program delivers practical martial arts that are predicated on the necessary skills needed for the threats of today’s world. Fitness is a premium and you can be assured that you or your teen will get an excellent workout.  The 60-minute class features functional warm ups, kickboxing techniques, Krav Maga principles, and training drills. This course provides all the foundational training that one needs to defend themselves.  Students may attend 2 classes per week.

Black Belt Training

Lil Champs (5-7) & Kids (8-12)
Our youth BBT Program teaches not only the basics of martial arts, but also all of the techniques that are necessary to one day become a black belt in martial arts and in life. Students set the goal of obtaining a black belt and wear a black uniform with white stripes to signify their commitment. They learn additional striking techniques, patterns, self-defense techniques, and board breaking.  They work on sparring techniques and drills on Mondays and Tuesdays and train single stick, nunchaku and bo staff on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Everything that is needed to become a true Black Belt in Martial Arts. 

This advanced Krav Maga (Israeli Self-Defense) program will take Teen/Adult students to an advanced level by instructing gun defense, advanced knife fighting and defense, and advanced stick fighting and defense.  This program trains students in the advanced Krav Maga military reaction, timing and stress drills necessary for effective realistic street defense.

This program challenges its students both mentally and physically as it teaches the psychology of self-protection, defense against multiple attackers and third-party intervention.  This program is designed for the serious martial arts student only!

Premier Training

Kids (8-12)
Each year we look at all of our programs to see how we can make them better.  Our Premier Training was very good, but we have decided to take it to the next level!

Premier Training program students have always been able to learn advanced weapons such as the samurai sword, kamas, bo staff and double nunchucks. We are now expanding our program to include the study of XMA competition style training along with traditional training.  PT program students will also be taught advanced kicking techniques combined with gymnastic moves to develop what is referred to in martial arts circles as "tricking" along with an assortment of weapons exchanges and techniques.

We will continue with our sparring development and also teach PT program students competition style sparring, along with advanced board breaking.  PT program students will be featured in our upcoming promotional and training videos and we will ask them to assist our staff when we step outside of the school to do community events and Premier Martial Arts promotional events. PT program students receive an additional weekly training slot that is currently taking place on Friday's 

This program will take a student’s training to an entirely different level and is perfect for the student that would like to someday compete, participate as a Demonstration Team Member or who just loves martial arts.

Leadership Training

Kids (8-12)
Premier Leadership Development is a powerful leading-edge system designed specifically to help build leadership development in children.  The PLD program will help produce future leaders with character qualities necessary to positively impact the world.  students in our Leadership Program will not only improve their lives, but they will also have a valuable impact on their friends, their families and their communities. 

Included in this program is also the assistant instructor training course that teaches the student the martial arts curriculum and instructional system necessary to make them an official assistant Instructor of Premier Martial Arts. Students will also learn additional advanced martial arts techniques that would make them eligible for the Premier Martial Arts Demo Team.  Leadership Training includes 2 Saturday training sessions a month. 

Certified Instructor Training

Premier Martial Arts Certified Instructor Training Program (CIT) will serve as a guide to assist instructors in the methods and practices that Premier Martial Arts (PMA) uses to ensure constant and quality instruction for every student. It has been our experience that often times instructors of martial arts will focus too much on teaching from “the mat .” While time on the mat is critical to the development of a martial arts student, students of PMA deserve a full body of instruction.  We believe that the use of practical lesson plans is essential to ensuring that instructor’s do not cheat students out of a truly full experience. 

An instructor trained at one PMA school will have the same knowledge and has met the same physical standards as one trained at a different school . This enables the standard of training to continually be improved and evolved on a consistent level throughout all schools . The overall goal of standardization is quality, in the manufacturing sense . Quality is conformance to some type of standard . 

It is the mission of Premier Martial Arts to continue to provide every student a complete martial arts experience and enable instructors who follow our class formats to continue to build a thriving business. Our CIT  program prepares prospect students to become professional grade martial arts instructors who cannot teach and explain the material, but they also have all of the tools necessary to manage their class and provide an exceptional training experience.

Sneak Peak Friday November 6, 2020

6pm to 9pm 

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Meet our team

Sensei John Fitzpatrick
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Premier Martial Arts Marietta

Sr. Master Michael Reid
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Premier Martial Arts Marietta
Founder of the Academy of Qigong & Internal Studies