Win The "Cold Hard Cash" $500 Drawing!

Super Cool Prizes For Top Three Finishers!!!

It's Super Easy

1. Refer Your Friends. 
2. Win An Instant Prize.
3. Earn Tickets toward the $500 Drawing and be a top three finisher!

What Do I need to Do!

  1. Get a VIP Referral Card or Open House Flyer
  2. Give it to a friend or the parents of a friend.
  3. It is a great deal, they get a month of Free Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Tai Chi or Kung Fu Training!
  4. When they come in we will gather their information and you will receive one ticket and get the opportunity to draw from our PMA Marietta prize box.
  5. When your friend joins our PMA family then you will receive 4 bonus tickets to improve your odds at the $500 "Cold Hard Cash Drawing" that will take place at our 2019 October Halloween Parents Night Out!

Contest Runs September 4, 2019 Through 
October 24, 2019

What Qualifies As A New Membership.  
A New Membership of at least 6 months will qualify a student to earn 4 tickets toward our prizes and the $500 "Cold Hard Cash Prize"  .


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